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What Can C. Roberts Construction Do For You?

Do you have a problem with your Roofing?

Are your Torn Shingles getting worse, not better?

If you are one of the several people who need their Roofing problems resolved, C. Roberts Construction is here to help.

We can handle any roofing issues you have and take them with ease.

In Akron, OH, we are the Roofing Specialists.

We are the number one Contractor to count on when it comes to Roofing.

We can solve your Roofing problems quickly with our extensive experience and track record.

Our staff of outstanding professionals is here to help assist you every step of the way to get you back to normalcy.

Why Should You Choose Us?

You don’t want just any Roofer, and you want one that you can trust to do the job right and on time within budget.

We show up on time, guaranteed, and deliver 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every service call.

We have brought with us years of an incredible experience.

We understand that residents of the greater North East Ohio area need Roofing contractors they can trust.

We’ve built our Contractor around bringing a higher level of excellence to every customer experience.

We have established great working relationships with our clients and take pride in the beautiful partnerships with the Top suppliers in Akron, Ohio.

Our community trusts us and recommends us to their friends and loved ones. We create relationships with our customers, generating loyalty and trust.

We would love for you to be our next happy client.h

Here at C. Roberts Construction, our Mission is...(It is our job at C. Roberts Construction to authoritatively present client-focused Roofing solutions for Homeowners to give them peace of mind.)

‘We exist at C. Roberts Construction to continually offer top-of-the-line Roofing services for Homeowners because they deserve the very best.’

Our Contractor is dedicated to our customers by providing the Greatest Roofing services for Homeowners across Akron, Ohio.

Your lasting impression is our priority.

We are in a continuous effort to improve our services on two levels, technology, and experience.

We pride ourselves on utmost customer care. 

We are customer-oriented, and that is why we strive to ensure that our customers are happy.

We are eager and ready to assist you with any roofing issues. 

Quality is not something that we compromise and sacrifice at C. Roberts Construction!

That’s why C. Roberts Construction is proud to say we satisfy our customers.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, our Roofing Contractors are familiar with the Roofing issues you face.

Your Roofing might let you down, but we won’t. 

Not only do we provide our clients with the highest level of roofing services, but we also give them peace of mind that our C. Roberts Construction team is competent.


Our job at C. Roberts Construction is to authoritatively present client-focused Roofing solutions for Homeowners to give them peace of mind.

Why Choose C. Roberts Construction

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Veteran Owned

We make use of only the highest quality material. Our employees are trained and certified as well

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31 years in Business

Our family owned and operated company has been in operation for over thirty-one years. We are proudly licensed, bonded and insured.

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We establish customer relationships based on trust, highest standard of workmanship, advanced skills and superior customer service.

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Best Customer Service

Your peace of mind is guaranteed when working with us. Our project consultant will guide you through the process seamlessly.

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We understand that Trust is the most important in business, developed slowly but can be lost quickly. C. Roberts Construction, a roofing company you can depend.

Limited Time Offers

Taken advantage of our special offers and enjoy the quality, extra savings and special financing options for our award winning home improvement services.

20 Year Labor Warranty

We cover your roof with a watertight seal that is so strong and effective, we include an industry leading, full 20-year, parts and labor warranty. We want to be your roofing company for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does A 30 year shingle really last 30 years?

This question about 30 year shingles is commonly misconstrued concept to homeowners. Manufacturers base life expectancy of a 30 year shingle on a shingle placed in ideal conditions, such as without strong winds and minimal sun exposure.

What are my options for roofing products nd services?

Depending on your roofing needs, there are many options for quality products to service your roof. There are several roofing material options such as asphalt shingles , TPO membrane, metal roofing. Each material has its own prices and advantages. When you contact us we can advice you on the perfect roof for you.

Should I remove my old roof before the new one is installed?

While, it is possible to layer one shingle on top of another, it is recommended that before installing a new roof you should remove the old one.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

The answer is that you need a new roof is a leak in the ceiling. The age of your roof is also another factor to consider. if your roof is over 15 years it is time to get a professional opinion.

How much will it cost to get my roof replaced?

You can have your roof replacement covered by insurance. This leaves you with little deductibles and any extra feature you wish to add. To get a more accurate estimate of the potential cost, contact us to get a quote

Meet the Owner

Wayne Roberts our founder is focused on company growth and expanding our company into new markets and the growth of our service area into multi cities and states. He is a visionary and has an open-door policy and never wants to lose focus of where we came from and who we are as a company

Wayne Roberts

C. Roberts Construction - Owner

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